Truckable Barge – 40’x12’x3′

P.O. Box 1186, Patterson, La. 70392 | 115 Landry St., Patterson, La 
Phone: 985-399-7222 | Fax: 985-395-3525 |

Barge Price: $43,000.00
**Open to rental discussion/options**
Exterior Blasted/Painted
Built: New 2021 (3 weeks to build if not already in-stock)
Spud Wells: available
Type: Steel Truckable Barge
Size: 40′ x 12′ x 3′
Plating: All ¼”
Internal Bracing: 2″ x 3″ x 1/4″ angle with verticals
Man Holes: (2)
Lifting Eyes: (4)
Location: Louisiana USA
**Can purchase two barges to pin together for a package price, email for price*

Comments: Brand New! Great for dock/bulkhead work! We can add an outboard setup. Contact for more info and photos!

DISCLAIMER: Vessel description is believed to be correct, but not guaranteed. Price Subject to change without notice. Subject to prior sale or charter.