Spud Barge 189

Asking price: $450,000. Type: Spud Barge Size: 120′ x 30′ x 7′ Raked bow & stern Builder: Conrad Year Built: 2010 Spuds: (2) – 40′ (18″x18″) Hydraulic Pulling Unit: John Deere Winches: (2) – 25,000 LB Planetary Hydraulic Winches Deck Plate Thickness: ½” Side and Bottom Plate Thickness: 3/8″ Pollution Rail: 3″ around perimeter Location:…

Deck Barge 379 (Sold)

Asking Price: $Make Offer. Size: 45’ x 18’ Type: deck barge Hull Material: Steel Year Built: N/A Spuds: (2) without winches Removable Poly water tank: 600 gallons Small crane: inoperable Location: Louisiana USA Comments: Immediately Available! Good for a work barge.

Spud Barge 375 (Sold)

Asking Price: $Make Offer Size: 130’ x 30’ x 7’ (Port side compartments leak) Type: Keyway Spud Barge Hull Material: Steel Year Built: N/A Keyway: 25’L x 8’6”W Crane: (1) EBI hydraulic telescopic and fix mounted at stern deck corner. Spuds: (2) with lifting winches and hydraulic pulling unit. Location: Louisiana USA Comments: Immediately Available!…


Asking Price: $250,000. *Great condition**Internals primed* Size: 120’ x 30’ x 7’ Type: Steel SPUD Barge Spuds: (2) approximately 40’ Pulling unit engine self-contained inside hull Spud Winches: (2) Deck pulling winch: (1) BRADEN CH400A hydraulic winch, 2,500’ of ¾” galvanized cable. Pulling winch powered by a self-contained Detroit 6v71 with 90GPM hydraulic pump Estimated…


Asking Price: $300,000. Size: 60’ x 23’ Type: Steel hull Self-propelled spud barge Horsepower: 280 total Eye Level: 23’ Hydraulic Spuds: (2) – 25’ Hydraulic Crane: (1) 4-ton with 60’ boom Electronics: Radar, VHF, GPS, DS, AIS, etc… Galley: yes Bath: (1) Berths: (6) AC/Heat: Central Location: Gulf of Mexico USA Comments: Immediately Available!

Truckable Barge 422

Asking Price: $60,000 Size: 28’ x 12’3” x 3’ Type: Truckable Steel Deck Barge Crane: Palfinger PK 15002, year 2002 Hydraulic power pack: yes Outboard motor: (1) 200HP Mercury 2-stoke EFI, year 1999 Location: Wisconsin USA Comments: Immediately available!

Barge 317 (SOLD)

Asking Price: $475,000. Size: 195’ x 40’ x 10’ Type: Steel Deck Barge Year Built: 2000 Bulkheads: (5) Transverse, (1) Centerline Raked Bow & Stern Location: Louisiana USA Comments: Immediately available! Originally built to transport water and can be used as a deck barge with minor modifications.

Crane Barge 236 (SOLD)

Asking Price: $500,000. Type: Spud/Crane Barge Size: 120′ x 30′ x 7′ Raked bow, Square stern Year Built: 2007 Spuds: (2) – 40’ Hydraulic Pulling Unit with winches Tool Shop and Office Link Belt 118 model – 60 ton crane Location: Louisiana USA

Shale Barge 385 (SOLD)

Asking Price: $215,000. Size: 120’ x 30’ x 7’ Type: Steel Shale Barge *Two available* Year Built: 2007 Walls: Approximately 80’ x 24’ x 5’ overall Barge internals: coated Location: Louisiana USA Comments: In Service working! Immediately available!