Spud Barge 264 / Push Boat

Asking Price: $750,000. Size: 100′ x 48′ x 7.5′ **17 Beds** Steel hull Self-propelled spud barge Crane: 25 ton Year Built: 1979 Clear Deck: 2,600 sq ft of usable space Spuds: (2) 45′ Fuel Capacity: 5,000 gallons Water Capacity: 10,000 gallons Main Engines: (2) – 8V71 Detroit Generators: (2) – 80kw Marine Sanitation Unit: yes…

Deck Barge 379 (Sold)

Asking Price: $Make Offer. Size: 45’ x 18’ Type: deck barge Hull Material: Steel Year Built: N/A Spuds: (2) without winches Removable Poly water tank: 600 gallons Small crane: inoperable Location: Louisiana USA Comments: Immediately Available! Good for a work barge.

Spud Barge 375 (Sold)

Asking Price: $Make Offer Size: 130’ x 30’ x 7’ (Port side compartments leak) Type: Keyway Spud Barge Hull Material: Steel Year Built: N/A Keyway: 25’L x 8’6”W Crane: (1) EBI hydraulic telescopic and fix mounted at stern deck corner. Spuds: (2) with lifting winches and hydraulic pulling unit. Location: Louisiana USA Comments: Immediately Available!…


Asking Price: $250,000. *Great condition**Internals primed* Size: 120’ x 30’ x 7’ Type: Steel SPUD Barge Spuds: (2) approximately 40’ Pulling unit engine self-contained inside hull Spud Winches: (2) Deck pulling winch: (1) BRADEN CH400A hydraulic winch, 2,500’ of ¾” galvanized cable. Pulling winch powered by a self-contained Detroit 6v71 with 90GPM hydraulic pump Estimated…

Spud Barge 285 (SOLD)

Asking Price: $180,000. Type: Spud Barge. Size: 140′ x 40′ x 9′. Year Built: 1977. Raked bow. Keyway at stern. Spuds: (2) Hydraulic Pulling Unit: Yes, with winches Pollution Rail: around perimeter Location: Louisiana USA

Barge 313 (SOLD)

Asking Price: $33,500.00 Type: Steel Barge Size: 48′ x 24′ x 5′ Built: within the last 5 years Man Holes: (6) Compartments: (6) Centerline bulkhead Square bow and stern Location: Louisiana USA Comments: Good Condition! Contact for more info and photos!

Barge 277 SOLD

Asking Price: $150,000. Type: Deck Barge. Size: 160′ x 35′ x 7.8′. Raked Bow & Stern. Year Built: 1961 converted in 2010. Ex Single Skin 6,130 bbls Tank Barge converted to a Deck Barge in 2010. Location: Louisiana USA

Barge 315 (SOLD)

Asking Price: $132,000. Size: 148’ x 54’ x 12’ Type: Steel Deck Barge Spud wells: (4) with Spuds Keyway: 20’ x 10’ Location: Louisiana USA Comments: Immediately available!